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  1. I have been thinking about this for a long time. I obtained the Trade Name

    IS Extra Terrestrial Migration – Gene Engineering

    from the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1997. There was a live Forum
    http://www.immortalitysystems.com for 10 years.

    My wish is to be 25 again and not grow old, so i can migrate into Orbital Space and get to know the Universe.


    1. This is a comment i wrote some time ago regarding Transhumanism, a much talked about concept for some time.

      I don’t know if Transhumanism is realy the right expression. When i look back at human evolution i see pyramids, temples, churches and mosques around the world. To me they look like an expression of Deism (deus, meaning God) as the driving force in human evolution, because they offered a solution to the incomprehensible problem of being dead.
      Since science, gene engineering and extra terrestrial migration now make it possible to acquire the virtues we have given our God’s, there is no more need to serve and worship them
      Transdeism could lead to Homo immortalis omnipotent, the next step in goal oriented evolution.

      An other reason why Transdeism seems to be more appropriate is, to make the next OS (religion) truly global, since Transhumanism is only applicable to the western world were Humanism is being practiced, whereas God’s have always been a world wide phenomenon.


    2. This is something i wrote in Sausalito, on Dez. 8, 2014, i must have been sitting in the front of the Cafe Trieste.

      The new species on Earth will be composed of Homo sapiens connected through the nervous system called the internet.
      This organism will be very complex, consisting of structures serving functions that assure it’s immortality. The life cycles of the different parts will vary, just like the cells in the present human body. (Skin via brain cells).
      The life span will be determined by the efficiency to fill the Lebensraum called Milky Way. The function of the brain will require immortal cells.
      The energy driving this new creature will be the same as of the hydrogen atom, which has propelled us to the status quo. The guiding principle, “Homo Immortalis Omnipotent.”


  2. Humanism is a democratic and ethical life stance, which affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. It stands for the building of a more humane society through an ethic based on human and other natural values in the spirit of reason and free inquiry through human capabilities. It is not theistic, and it does not accept supernatural views of reality

    This is the definition given by the “The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)” of the word “Humanism”, according to “wikipedia”.

    To me, that sounds reasonable. The trouble is, i think, that Deism still has to much influence in today’s world. That is what made me register the domain “Transdeism”.
    Just imagine, all the energy that still goes into “God’s (religion)”, would be applied to goal oriented evolution, pointing to Homo immortalis omnipotent.
    We need to do this now, because otherwise i will be old and dead in the foreseeable future.

    Check out http://www.homo-immortalis-omnipotent.org


    1. This is a passage from the Homo Immortalis Omnipotent webpage

      Just like the hydrogen atom did not know that it would evolve to become the planet we now live on, even though it already contained the basic code leading to the status quo. We will realize that the abilities that we have assigned to our God’s, are now for us to acquire.


      1. ================================================================================================================================================================

        I wonder if we are at a point in time, were the present day religions, especially the Abrahamic, will transition into mythologies. I am thinking of the role we have assigned to the gods in Greek mythology.

        I wonder if there are studies of the historic periods when this took place? Can this be done without resorting to violence.

        I am thinking of the introduction of Islam by Mohamed. He wrote the Book dictated by Allha called the Quran. The resulting violence is going on to this time.

        What about, if we write a new “Book”. WE being “Human Intelligence”, please note, i am not using the term artificial intelligence.

        That’s it, =========== A L G O R I T H M ===============.

        It is 3:34 PM, May 15, 2018, Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany, Europa, Earth, 3. Planet from Sol, 2/3 from the center of the Milky Way.

        The new age of A L G O R I T H M

        The start of goal oriented evolution, pointing to




  3. Good that the christian God is immortal and omnipotent. I have been reading the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. There is an event advertised were the subject of the discussion is, if we WANT to have Immortality, not if we can have Immortality. On the most informed scientific level, that is the question.


  4. This is a comment i just wrote in this article:

    Top scientists hold closed meeting to discuss building a human genome from scratch

    Alfred Schickentanz
    MAY 1, 2018 AT 7:07 AM

    I would like to see a headline like: (to quote the article)

    “Over 130 scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and government officials from five continents gathered at Harvard this week for an “exploratory” meeting to discuss the topic of”

    Modifying the human genome to enable IMMORTALITY, that is, to having the choice of not grow old and be dead.

    Why not grab the problem by the horn, to chart the shortest route to identify the goal to be reached, “freedom from old age and DEATH”

    After having lived and loved on 5 continents, i want to experience the rest of the UNIVERSE.

    Ad Astra Amused


    1. In Hindu mythology gods were mortal like humans.They became immortal after drinking ‘amrith’, the nectar extracted from the milky ocean.Millions of Hindus go on pilgrimage to the spots where amrith was spilled over on earth.
      It means mortals can become immortal using certain methods.The solution is in the ocean of genes. One has to pick up the right gene to become immortal.There are trillions of organisms who have achieved freedom from old age and death. Humans have evolved from amoeba. The amoeba still enjoys immortality- freedom from old age and death. when the amoeba matures it divides and transforms to two young amoeba. If we can go back to the reproductive status of amoeba freedom fro old age and death and degeneration can be avoided!


      1. Thank you Ittyerah,Tholath for the info re. Immortality. I have been toying with the idea of using biotechnology to gene engineer a clone and implant it into my own body so i can grow my own copy, at least for a few month and then transfer me, or is it my copy, into an incubator. I would then rise the new baby with lots of TLC …… my mantra is, the only limit is imagination.
        The reproductive status of amoeba you describe and Hindu mythology you are inspirational.


  5. This reflects my thoughts to the problem of growing old and being dead.

    “The function assigned to GOD is now available through understanding
    the Universe we are part of. We will be the Engineers of our own body chemistry, in the Infinity of Space-Time we can live forever.”

    Imagine what it would be like to having an infinite future living in a fit and healthy body.

    Remember, “The only limit is our imagination” One thing is for sure, evolution starting with the hydrogen atom will go on and man kinds mind will now have a big influence on its course.


  6. ” evolution starting with the hydrogen atom”
    What i mean to say is, what ever the basic atom, proton, electron, neutron knew, led to the status-quo, beautiful planet earth and us, writing on the internet.
    The people who seam to know something say, it took 3.5 billion years to organize our solar system. The force that helped us to get to this point is commonly called “God” and manifests its power thought pyramid’s, temples, churches and mosques. Please remember, human kind created the “God’s and not the other way round.
    I grew up with the “roman catholic religion”, and was put under i’t’s spell by the promise, to go to heaven and live happily ever after (Immortality). We should really give the Christian God credit for coming up with that most reassuring idea.
    How about taking over the powers we have given our “God’s and using biotechnology and extra terrestrial migration to make that dream come true.


  7. On my morning walk, i was thinking about the “God’s” that have influenced our existenz on planet Earth.
    We name ourselves Homo sapiens, i think it means, that we know something.
    I then asked myself way we don’t relicise that all “God’s” have always been created by Men (Women may have had something to do with it also).

    The word “artificial intelligence”, a term that has bothered me from the beginning. I don’t see anything “artificial” about extending our brains using “computers”. We now are at a point were some “experts” seem to think that we should be afraid because artificial intelligence may rule our lives.

    Could it be, because our “God’s”, remember we created them, have ruled our lives?
    Are we giving the power they had over us now to “AI”?
    I wander what “artificial intelligence is called in the many different languages we speak on earth.
    Are algorithm going to be the new “God’s” ?
    Maybe by realizing that God’s are artificial Humans we can dethrone them? Or at least take the sting our of the power they have.
    How about retiring them, since they all seem to be “second hand”, that is, came into power when the word did not have artificial intelligence.
    Then we should get rid of the word “artificial” when using “Intelligence”.
    Imagine we would have called airplanes, “artificial mobility”? It might have scared some of us and handicapped its usefulness. By the way, i always loved flying and am the holder of the German and Australian Glider Pilot Lizenz.


  8. I feel the world should liberate itself from all “God’s, who via their professional attendees,
    still seem to have an enormous influence on human kinds behavior.
    Specially the Abrahamic religions which use something like heaven and hell to control their adherens, should lose our respect. I am most familiar with Christianity and this is what i think of it:


    The image of a middle aged, half naked, emaciated

    MAN/GOD who has himself nailed to a cross is obscene

    and pornographic and should not be tolerated in locations

    open to the public.

    A religion base on this image can not lead to a healthy and

    sane society.


  9. This is an interesting factoid:

    Construction begins on SuperCDMS SNOLAB

    An ultracold search 6800 feet underground
    Scientists know that visible matter in the universe accounts for only 15 percent of all matter. The rest is a mysterious substance called dark matter. Due to its gravitational pull on regular matter, dark matter is a key driver for the evolution of the universe, affecting the formation of galaxies like our Milky Way. It therefore is fundamental to our very own existence


    1. The 85% of “dark matter” is a sign that we have much to learn and explore. We need to be “immortal” to get to know the universe and live in the infinity of space-time.


  10. The reason why i am so opposed to “Gods” and their religions is, because they are trying to stop the development of biotechnology like gene engineering. Since i need to have access to medicine to grow young again (rejuvenation) in the next 20 years, to not be dead, it es a question of survival.
    I can see why the people who make their living promoting the “Gods” that presently have the monopoly on immortality, are trying to protect their turf. I always am surprised why not more “old” people do everything possible to treat aging as a disease that needs to be cured. FREEDOM FROM DEATH NOW ! ! !


    1. This is an article about “ethics” and the people who make a living promoting them. Remember, morals and ethics are often used to defend and maintain the status quo.


      Acting to reduce the suffering and death of aging, by far the greatest cause of human pain and loss, isn’t ethically complicated at all. It is the simplest thing in the world. Are we for or against suffering and death? Against? Good. Then we should bring an end to aging. That really is all there is to it, and all that has to be said on the matter. Medical science is close enough to the goal of rejuvenation therapies that no amount of effort deployed to other means of reducing suffering and death can be anywhere near as efficient a use of resources. Yet, strangely, those other approaches still receive far more attention. So we advocate for an adjustment of priorities: less war, less waste, more life science

      Hopefully “aging” will soon be recognized as a disease and can then be officially treated as such.


  11. This is the headline in:

    ETC Group: ‘Extreme’ biotechnology critic campaigns against synthetic biology and other forms of ‘extreme genetic engineering’
    My comment:

    Alfred Schickentanz • 15 hours ago
    I feel that the new science of biotechnology should be embraced to change the status-quo. Gene engineering will make that possible. If mistakes are made, the darwinian principle will correct them. Human know how will allow for goal oriented evolution. Once we realize that we can eliminate and even reverse the aging of our bodies, Homo sapiens will become Homo immortalis omnipotent. Which is like a quantum leap and the outcome can not be known. It will give us some of the virtues we have given our Gods.
    That is why it always makes me angry when i read about opposition to change that will liberate mankind from the curse of old age and death.


  12. This from an article of the Arizona State Univerity

    ASU scientists unveil a hidden secret of the immortality enzyme telomerase

    Research from the laboratory of Professor Julian Chen in the School of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State University recently uncovered a crucial step in the telomerase enzyme catalytic cycle. This catalytic cycle determines the ability of the human telomerase enzyme to synthesize DNA “repeats” (specific DNA segments of six nucleotides) onto chromosome ends, and so afford immortality in cells. Understanding the underlying mechanism of telomerase action offers new avenues toward effective anti-aging therapeutics.


  13. =======================================================================================

    I wonder if we are at a point in time, were the present day religions, especially the Abrahamic, will transition into mythologies. I am thinking of the role we have assigned to the gods in Greek mythology.
    I wonder if there are studies of the historic periods when this took place? Can this be done without resorting to violence.
    I am thinking of the introduction of Islam by Mohamed. He wrote the Book dictated by Allha called the Quran. The resulting violence is going on to this time.

    What about, if we write a new “Book”. WE being “Human Intelligence”, please note, i am not using the term artificial intelligence. That’s it, =========== A L G O R I T H M ===============.

    It is 3:34 PM, May 15, 2018, Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany, Europa, Earth, 3. Planet from Sol, 2/3 from the center of the Milky Way.
    The new age of A L G O R I T H M

    The start of goal oriented evolution, pointing to




      1. A L G O R I T H M will replace D E I S M


    1. I am really bothered by the expression “AI ( Artificial Intelligence). I am sure it will not be used forever. Just like we don’t call the Automobile a horseless carriage any more.
      Just imagine we had called going some were by car, artificial mobility.
      The car is an extension of our legs, just like digital technology is an expansion of our brain and i hear, it will soon be organic or something like it.


  14. Message: Sounds good, let’s retire all present “Gods”, turn their “places of worship” in to tourist attractions, like the Egyptian, Greek and Roman temples. We could then channel our devotion and energy in to telescopes, laboratories and places of research, so we can re-engineer our bodies and live forever in the infinity of orbital space. I am sure that if humankind would pool its resources and know how, instead of fighting over who’s “God” can deliver “heaven” best, i don’t believe any of them will. We must build one ourselves, so we can have it just the way we want it.


  15. The reason i feel the time has come to retire the Gods that we have used to solve the absurd problem of growing old and being dead. The use of biotechnology will now make it possible to maintain our physical body at the point of its peak performance. Since i am old already, i need gene manipulation that allows age regression, so i can have my body when i was 25 years old again.

    Just thinking about it makes me smile. At that point in my live, i was living in New York, after having traveled around the earth for 5 years and earned money on 5 continents.

    I am now ready to migrate to Orbital Space to get to know the rest of the Universe.

    I became a Founding Member of the Planetary Society, after having meet Carl Sagan at the AAAS Convention in the 70th in San Francisco. It was a rare pleasure talking to Edgar Mitchel after he had visited the moon. I remember seeing in his eyes, that he had a different perspective of Earth, after looking at it as the 3rd planet from the sun.

    Being a member of the “American Society of Aerospace Pilots” gave me a chance to volunteer tor the NASA “Space Adaptation Syndrome Study”. Talking to astronauts was a treat. They all seemed to really have liked being in orbital space.

    The new slogan to live by should be “Next Year L-5”


  16. Soon we will have an ALGORITHM that can read human kinds mind.
    In an organic society there will be no more secrets, by the way, China is leading the way,

    The application of an ALGORITHM will reveal that “Immortality”, with other words, the virtues we have giver our Gods will now be available for Homo sapiens to acquire, leading to be Homo immortalis omnipotent.

    Check out http://www.homo-immortalis-omnipotent.org


  17. The word ALGORITHM stands for Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī a Persian mathematician, astronomer and geographer who died in Baghdad, Iraq, circa 846.
    Which was the Islamic Golden Age,
    a period in history when much of the Arabic speaking world was ruled by various caliphates, experiencing a scientific, economic, and cultural flourishing.

    I find it interesting, that the coming age will be named after a Mathematician, Astronomer and Geographer.
    His fame and influence will now be recognized globally.


  18. This is some interesting information regarding technologies that will challenge the God’s that presently hold the monopoly to giving Homo sapiens eternal live.

    Will Humans Ever Be Immortal? These 11 Theories and Technologies Will Shed Some Light on It
    The average human lifespan has increased dramatically over the last 100 years. This has been achieved largely, thanks to the fruits of our advancements in technology, science, and medicine – but could we ever achieve immortality?

    Using things like vaccinations, we have been able to exterminate life-threatening diseases like smallpox. But pathogens, predators, and accidents aside, could we ever modify the way we live or our very bodies to become immortal?

    In order to do this, we will need to overcome some of the major issues that cause us to age, and eventually die. Science has identified four key processes that cause us to age:-

    – Telomere shortening

    – Chronological aging

    – Oxidative stress

    – Glycation

    If these can be reduced, stopped or eliminated, we may just be able to live forever.

    Here are 11 potential technologies and theories that could help us achieve the ‘Holy Grail’ of eternal life. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order

    Check it out, you will be surprised, by what is on the horizon.


  19. To come back to the theme of this forum, Transdeism.

    Let’s look what Deism, the dominant form of religion. Since the invention of Monotheism which is at least 4 000 years old, the Gods have had a powerful influence on the destiny of mankind.

    To look objectively at all the Gods that human kind has created for itself, they could be called Artificial Humans.
    They served the purpose of controlling social interaction of the population. The function Algorithm will now have.

    My next question is, what if we would call Algorithm “Artificial Intelligence” ? Without a doubt, from now on Algorithm will influence society the way the Gods with there attendants (religion) have to now.

    What i am getting at is, we need to phase out the expression “artificial intelligence AI”.
    How can something like Intelligence be artificial? The fact that we use machines to enhance our abilities don’t make them artificial. Just es an example, if we use an airplane to go some were, we don’t call that artificial mobility.

    Algorithms will be the next Gods and there will be nothing artificial about them.
    They will give us something the old Gods only promised, that is IMMORTALITY.


  20. This is a comment i just wrote in

    Alfred Schickentanz
    JUNE 5, 2018 AT 7:27 AM

    CRISPR combined with ALGORITHM will be the great equalizer.
    The evolution of life on planet earth will be shaped by Homo sapiens. Human intelligence will replace the sun.
    The function assigned to the GOD’s is now available through understanding
    the Universe we are part of.
    Humanities age old dream of IMMORTALITY and OMNIPOTENCE will be realized.
    The only limit is our imagination
    http://www.homo-immortalis-omnipotent.org has some of my thoughts regarding the end of Deism.


  21. This is a comment i just wrote in:


    Alfred Schickentanz • a minute ago
    ” Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution, warned us of the perils of life extension and explained how biotech was taking us into a posthuman future with catastrophic consequences to civilization even with the best intentions.”

    That sentence obviously shows, that the most important aspect of evolution on our planet is not being taken into consideration.

    There will be a quantum leap. A move to a new state of being. In the material world it would be like the jump from the atom to a mineral. Or from a multicellular organism to a cerebral animal. Or from a culture that depends on an “idealized self projected image (God)”, to provide protection and escape from annihilation , to a society that uses science and technology to solve the problems of sickness and death.
    Migration, which has always been the underlying principle of evolution will continue. Some of us will now move in to Orbital Space.
    The Earth, like any other organism will full fill its function and seed itself.


  22. This is something i found in an article by Zat Rana

    “The only sustainable way to feel grounded in the fact that you’re doing what you should be is not only to stand for something, but more importantly, to put your skin into it — to be willing to be harmed for it. That means being reputationally, intellectually, or otherwise liable.
    A miscalculated risk can be damaging, but never taking any risk at all is to never really live.”

    I put taking a stand against the present day Gods into that category.

    Let’s challenge the Gods, the present day holders of the monopoly to not be dead. We must acquire the virtues we have given them ourselves. Freedom from growing old and be dead, support biotechnology. (I am old, so i need rejuvenation).


  23. As you have noticed, i don’t want to be dead. When i tell that to old people, i find they usually are ready to cash in their chips and go to heaven.
    I think one reason is, they don’t know what the future here will have to offer. These are some organisations that have info. for what is to come:

    Visions and Organizations:

    National Space Society:

    VISION: People living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity.

    The British Interplanetary Society:

    Mission: To promote the exploration and use of space for the benefit of humanity, by connecting people to create, educate and inspire, and advance knowledge in all aspects of astronautics.

    After reading those from leading advocates of space exploration, I just wanted to put the perspective out there about our vision and mission. We have lived by the following for the last seven years and continue to push forward.

    International Space Elevator Consortium Vision:

    A world with inexpensive, safe, routine, and efficient access to space for the benefit of all mankind.

    International Space Elevator Consortium Mission:

    Promotes the development, construction and operation of a Space Elevator (SE) infrastructure as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity. ISEC is made up of individuals and organizations from all around the world who share a vision of mankind in space.

    Please join us while we move forward towards a new world.

    Now you can see why i am looking forward to being like 25 years old again.


  24. With my realization that in the near future biotechnology will give us the choice to not grow old an be dead, i feel the need to promote that awareness. It satisfies my sens of being reasonable and it may have something to do with my christian upbringing.


    This whole idea of Protecting the privacy of our genetic data is of misplaced interest.
    In the very near future, some of us will live in an “Organic Society” were all members will have common genetic traits. With goal oriented evolution leading to Homo immortalis, gene engineering will be used to share the “best genes” to reach this goal. Since age regression will make it possible for the original members to not grow old and be dead, any new edition of Homo immortalis will always be a composite of the best genes the organic society has.
    The concept of privacy to be protected will not exist, just like there is not need for privacy of the cells in a present day human body.
    It is high time that we stop looking into the rear view mirror, as Marshall McLuhan used to say. Human kind is at the point of a quantum leap. The only limit is our imagination


  25. This is a comment Ivybelle wrote in my http://www.immortalitysystems.com Forum in 2006

    Name: Ivybelle


    Message: Flesh is frail. On earth the body dies before the human mind and spirit can reach the heights of experience and wisdom to accomplish something truly remarkable. As a result, we see around us juvenile people, childish nations, selfish concepts and a general lack of vision and benevolence. If we could extend the human lifespan by just a matter of decades without being curbed by the weak, ageing body, complicated by a toxic cocktail of degenerative hormones and enzymes, make fuller use of the dormant side of our brains, think what we can achieve for the good of not just all mankind but all sentient beings throughout our vast cosmos. Only then can we understand what life is all about and see what lies beyond the tips of our noses – and grow up, mature as the human being must surely be meant to. Then we can see how meaningless material wealth and struggle for power all are. We can live as long as we choose to, love forever if we wish to, and control our own destinies. That would be a giant leap in human evolution. That day must come – perhaps sooner than later. When it does, I hope I will be there – with the pioneer immortals… to help shape a new era in the great cosmos!! I am prepared to shoulder all the responsibility that such a privilege entails – the privilege of being able to grow in human consiousness.

    Name: Alfred


    Message: Greetings, IVYBELLE, Finding your beautiful contribution made me real happy, the why you expressed your thoughts was the best argument for IMMORTALITY I have seen. Yes you will be there – with the pioneer immortals… to help shape a new era in the great cosmos!!! Only the pursuit of immortality will give mankind a goal to really employ all the wonderful new technologies being developed. Human kinds oldest yearning has always been immortality, that is what religion is all about. The way to reach that goal is by using GENE ENGINEERING and EXTRA TERRESTRIAL MIGRATION (off planet migration) dressed in the mantel of religion, because that is what has been the tool to guide our lives. Now is the time to give the most evolved spectrum of society a new and plausible meaning, individual Physical Immortality. Yours is the energy it will take. Thank you!


  26. I see evolution to be goal oriented from now on, instead of based on random mutation.
    The power of the human mind will replace the sun as being the most influential element.
    I recommend that we declare “Homo immortalis omnipotent” to guide our decisions making.

    You noticed, the virtues we have given our Gods, we will, from now on, make our own.


    I am looking forward to seeing a political party running with that slogan. The good thing is, i see it coming.

    This is the natural outcome of the next step in evolution, check it out, it has some useful information.


    Asgardia is the first-ever space nation — a global humanitarian project for everyone on the planet


  27. Every day hurts and the last one kill. It does not have to be that way.

    Please spread the awareness, that with Biotechnology (Gene Engineering) aging can be treated as a disease and arrested. Age regression, turning back the clock will soon be possible.
    Luckily some very rich people are using their money to finance the research. Check out http://www.calicolabs.com
    California Live Company, financed by Sergey Brin, Google co-founder. Let’s wish them good luck, we will all benefit and hopefully soon having the choice to not grow old and be dead.
    I need age regression, to be 25 again.
    The thought makes me smile, because when i was that age, i had already lived in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and was living in New York, USA.
    I am now looking forward to migrating to the Lagrangian Libration Point # 5, the next step in the evolution of
    Homo Immortalis Omnipotent.


  28. Hopefully, soon the awareness will spread, that being old and then dead, is the only problem we as Homo sapiens actually really have.

    Since up to now the solution was creating God’s and building pyramids, churches, mosques to worship them, so they would give us some kind of immortality to solve the absurdity of DEATH.

    I have been following the new and am convinced, that it is only a question of when and not if, biotechnology (Gene Engineering) will give us the ability to reprogram our DNA code, so we can maintain our physical body at it’s maximum state.

    The problem is, this awareness has not entered the public consciousness to the degree, that all energy is put into solving the problem of growing old and be dead.

    Spread the word, by the way, i need age regression, to be 25 again.

    Freedom from Death now. The only limit is our imagination.


  29. This is the News i like to see: (Clinical Immortality looks like a new concept)


    Press Release
    The Most Innovative Regenerative Medicine Minds Will Gather This August at the First American Association of Stem Cell Physicians, to Discuss Longevity and Clinical Immortality!

    Dr. Farshchian confirms the first meeting for The American Association of Stem Cell Physicians (AAOSCP) this August 10-12, 2018. A comprehensive conference as well as a very informative live webcast titled “Clinical Immortality 2029” ; will feature world class experts on stem cells, longevity and clinical immortality.


  30. Yesterday i registered the the name “Homo sol”. That will be the name of Human Kind living in the Milky Way Galaxy. I had been thinking of the future and noticed that one of the points of contention in the global culture is what can only be called “racism”. It feels like a “dirty word”, even thought it seems to be on peoples mind a lot.
    What would it be like if “the different races, i know there are’t any” could build their own mini world’s floating in Orbital Space at the Lagrangian Liberation Points. I can see a future were our range of choice will be much wider. One necessary step of course is, that Homo sapiens will have the choice to not grow old and be dead.
    Let’s work on that, because we are close to it. Freedom from death now. Imagine what we can do then. I see http://www.homo-immortalis-omnipotent.org


  31. The image of the “New Wo*man” called Homo sol is rolling around in the space between my ears.
    In line with Transdeism, the title of this website, naturally the question arises, what concept will fill the space that “God”, modern society has been shaped by monotheism, the next “Religion” will be.
    Since all the God’s and their cults and religions Homo sapiens have created to serve our evolution to this point, we are now in the fortunate position to come up with a new one to guide Homo sol to continue our journey.
    Let’s play with that thought, using high tech and big data to come up with an Algorithm for the job. We want to avoid using “artificial intelligence” because the next “Theism”, let,s get rid of “God,s” altogether, because most of them have blood on their hands, should be a “Natural”. Machine intelligence will be able to do the job.

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    1. This is a comment i just wrote in an online article. It reflects my thinking in regards to evolution:

      AI, i would prefer to use MI (machine intelligence), will use surface recognition software. The law of physics will lead to the phasing out of dark colors, because they reflect less light and do not transmit information as efficiently. The effect of this will have a distinct influence on evolution


  32. This is the kind of headline i seem to be reading more often lately. It is about something i have been talking about for the past 25 years.
    FOREVER YOUNG: Scientists successfully reverse aging in lab-grown human cells, is immortality around the corner?
    By Ishani Ghose · Updated On : 05:43 PST, 13 Aug 2018


    The more of us become aware of this, the sooner we will have the choice to not grow old and being dead.
    Please spread this kind of news.


  33. As you can see, i don’t like the therm AI. This is a comment i just wrote in an other forum.

    Alfred Schickentanz
    Aug 15, 2018

    Coming back to the therm AI. If you read the history books, you will notice, that the automobile was called a “horseless carriage”, when it was first seen.

    I don’t see anything artificial, using machines to extend the capability of the human mind. Just imagine we had called the airplane “artificial legs”, it probably would have slowed down airplane transportation.

    Let’s use the therm MA “machine intelligence”, and there will be less angst and greater acceptance of its application.


  34. Mir fehlt ein Teil
    Von mir fehlt ein Teil
    Zum Mitteilen
    Cornelia gestorben Dec. 31, 2017
    We two, you and me
    were more then the sum
    of our parts.
    Die warmen Sommernaechte
    mit Dir zu teilen
    fehlt, jetzt und fuer immer
    Fehlst Du mir


  35. These are some comments from the http://www.immortalitysystems.com Forum of 2005:

    Don’t you know that only the “God’s” are immortal?

    Message: Yes, that’s why we all must be “God’s”!!!

    Message: What kind of “God’s”? I don’t want to be one of those Semitic God’s, like Jahwe, Jesus or Allah. They seem to have been rather nasty fellows. Let’s create a new God. One that is eternally young and is having a good time roaming the Universe.

    Message: Sounds good, let’s retire all present “God’s”, turn their “places of worship” in to tourist attractions, like the Egyptian, Greek and Roman temples. We could then channel our devotion and energy in to telescopes, laboratories and places of research, so we can re-engineer our bodies and live forever in the infinity of orbital space. I am sure that if humankind would pool its resources and know how, instead of fighting over who’s “God” can deliver “heaven” best, i don’t believe any of them will. We must build one ourselves, so we can have it just the way we want it.

    Name: jooooooooooooooooooooooooe

    Message: good idea.


  36. Since, in the long run, every planetary civilization will be endangered by impacts from space, every surviving civilization is obliged to become spacefaring–not because of exploratory or romantic zeal, but for the most practical reason imaginable: staying alive… If our long-term survival is at stake, we have a basic responsibility to our species to venture to other worlds. -Carl Sagan


  37. Food for thought:


    This is from the above article:

    Yet, in a world in which comprehensive rejuvenation is common, the granny and grandpa that inhabit our collective imagination would simply not exist; rather, you’d find that grannies and grandpas in their late 80s can’t be told apart from people in their 20s; elderly would look just as young as “truly young” people, would be just as healthy, and would be engaged in the activities they prefer rather than having their activities limited by their declining health.

    Please spread the word that Gene Engineering and Space Migration will allow us to not grow old and be dead.
    I personally need rejuvenation, since i would like to be 25 again with what i know now being close to 80.
    Freedom from old age and death NOW !!!


  38. Press Release
    The Immortality Foundation Confirms Death Is Not Inevitable
    Longevity became the great challenge of biology. The Immortality Foundation’s goal is to boost the efforts and funds to eradicate age-related diseases


    Check it out, it has some interesting info. and spread the word.



      Soon we will have the choice of not having to grow old and be dead.

      We live in a bipolar world, so now we also need to be able to gracefully terminate our live span, when and if we choice to.

      These are aspects which will frame the Anthropocene we live in now.


      1. The above has been on my mind.
        The subject is something we don’t jet talk about . The choice to not having to grow old and be dead has not entered the meme will live by.
        The choice to gracefully terminate our live is presently mostly controlled by religious beliefs.
        The once i am kind of familiar with use heaven and hell to perpetuate their ideas, that is why i am suspicious of their recommendations.
        Since the choice of “Immortality” seams to be a question of when and not if any more and the world is bipolar, let’s think about what the future will offer.
        Did you look at http://www.immortalitysystems.com the Extra Terrestrial Migration is a major aspect of it.
        Just like we had immigration “out of Africa” leading to Homo sapiens, we will have “from Planet Earth”,
        leading to http://www.homo-immortalis-omnipotent.org


  39. An Incredible Opportunity
    The world has started the transition from an era where we were utterly helpless about our aging process to one where aging is under full medical control, and age-related diseases are a thing of the dark past.

    We are not there yet, but the theoretical groundwork has been laid out, and scientists have successfully started working on the fundamentals. The first human rejuvenation therapies are under development, some of them are even available today.

    For people close to the actual science, rejuvenation is not a matter of ‘if’ anymore but rather ‘when’ and whether it will be soon enough for ‘us’



  40. This is a Company that has real money since “Alphabet” is Google. Check it out.

    About Calico

    Calico (Calico Life Sciences LLC) is an Alphabet-funded research and development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to increase our understanding of the biology that controls lifespan. Calico will use that knowledge to devise interventions that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives. To learn more about Calico, visit http://www.calicolabs.com.


  41. This is kind of food for thought:

    Th sum total of your life’s experiences blends together into your own unique internal model of the world, different from that of any other person.
    Your brain uses that ever changing internal model to construct the predictions and simulations that become your conscious reality. That internal model is what largely makes you you.

    by Jeff Hester, from “Astronomy” Magazine May 2018


  42. Check this out. I love the USA.


    US Presidential hopeful plans to ABOLISH DEATH using technology – ‘We can live to 10000’
    A FORMER US presidential candidate who could run again in 2020 has outlined a radical plan to abolish natural death using technology.

    As part of his 2016 campaign he drove from California to Washington DC in a coach decorated as a coffin, nicknamed the ‘immortality bus’


  43. This from an article about aging i found informative:

    It’s a lofty goal. It’s also potentially a very lucrative one. On March 4, the former chief scientific officer of PepsiCo, Inc., Mehmood Khan, announced that he would be retiring from the $170 billion food, snack, and beverage company and would become the CEO of Life Biosciences. Khan, an endocrinologist, told Bloomberg that he’d followed advances in the field of aging biology for years and knew some of the field’s leading scientists. “Historically, aging has been looked at as a normal consequence of life, and as medical professionals, we have not looked at aging as a disease process,” he said. “What makes [Life Biosciences] different is we are looking at all aspects of the known pathways of aging. Nothing is off the table.”

    Remember, the God’s used to have the monopoly on “Immortality”. Now we will use biotechnology to not grow old and be dead. Spread the word.


  44. Considering the Experience of Being One of the Last Mortals

    With the development of rejuvenation therapies underway, and accelerating, somewhere ahead lies a dividing line. Some people will be the last to age to death, too comprehensively damaged for the technologies of the time to recover. Everyone else will live indefinitely in youth and health, protected from aging by periodic repair of the underlying cell and tissue damage that causes dysfunction and disease. Where is that dividing line? No one can say in certainty.


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