72 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. This speaks my mind, it was the cult of my youth although:


    One thing I learned from the cult of my youth: Dressing lies pretty don’t make it the truth

    Joel Michael Herbert

    When I was 7 years old
    I walked down an aisle
    Because I didn’t want to
    Go to hell
    What a thing to tell a kid
    And as long as I can remember
    I wondered
    If anyone could break the spell

    The poem that follows, if you click on the link above should be the “coupe de grace” to the Abrahamic Religions.


  2. Evolution from Lithosphere to Hydrosphere to Biosphere to Sociosphere

    Leading to:

    The next step, let’s call it a Quantum Leap, how will it manifest, that is, what will it be and look like.

    Let’s play with it. Homo-Immortalis-Omnipotent, will be the building material.
    Since it is called a Sphere, it will be global.


  3. People sometimes ask my, do you believe in GOD?
    Since i don’t want to grow old and be dead, i believe in Biochemistry,Electromagnetism, and Gravity, plus naturally,
    Extra Terrestrial Migration, because i want to be in Heaven.
    Please check out http://www.immortalitysystems.com


    1. https://www.statnews.com/2019/06/05/creating-eggs-sperm-stem-cells/comment-page-1/#comment-1876299

      Until recently, the only way to make eggs or sperm was the old-fashioned way: in the ovaries and testes. In the not-too-distant future, it may be possible to use cells from almost any part of the body to create these germ cells, also known as gametes.

      It just entered my mind.

      I can see a future were i will have a female back up copy of myself using egg and sperm made from my cells, then using a womb made the same way that could be grafted into my body to grow a new “me”, at least the first 3 month, then tranferred to an incubator to complete the first 9 month of my new me.
      I would then raise my copy. Giving all the tender loving care possible.
      Biotechnology (Gene Engineering) will make it possible to rejuvenate myself to be 25 again, when the other me is that age.
      Extra Terrestrial Migration should make it possible to grow my own space habitat at the Lagrangian Liberation Point 5.
      I see myself as a new phylum on the tree of live, being Homo immortalis omnipotent.
      Remember, the only limit is our imagination. I learned that, when i was a hydrogen atom.
      This is a quote from my http://www.homo-immortalis-omnipotent.org
      “It is like a quantum leap. A move to a new state of being. In the material world it would be like the jump from the atom to a mineral. Or from a multicellular organism to a cerebral animal. Or from a culture that depends on an “idealized self projected image (God)”, to provide protection and escape from annihilation , to a society that uses science and technology to solve the problems of sickness and death.”
      Ad Astra Amused


      1. This is an article with information regarding “aging”. Her name is Saura Demming:

        “At 12 she was researching the biology of ageing in the laboratory of one of the world’s leading scientists; at 14 she went to study physics at MIT, only to drop out at 17 and start a venture capital fund under the guidance of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel.”

        Talking with Laura Deming: Aging is the World’s Most Important Problem

        Laura Deming is one of the people influential in the sweeping shift of the past few years in research and development of therapies to treat aging, in which rejuvenation biotechnologies such as senolytic therapies finally started the move from the laboratory into startup companies, on the way to the clinic. She founded the first venture fund to specialize in what people are now calling the longevity sector of the biotech industry, somewhat before that longevity sector actually existed in any meaningful way. Now, of course, funding is pouring into this area of development; the years ahead will be interesting. Now is very much the time for entrepreneurs to step up, find viable projects in aging and longevity, raise the funds, and carry them forward into clinical development.

        At 25, Laura Deming has already achieved more in her chosen field – anti-ageing – than many people twice her age. At 12 she was researching the biology of ageing in the laboratory of one of the world’s leading scientists; at 14 she went to study physics at MIT, only to drop out at 17 and start a venture capital fund under the guidance of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel. Aubrey de Grey, the English gerontologist who has suggested that humans might live to be 1,000, calls Deming an “utter genius” for her scientific and investment “brilliance”.


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